Elk hunting in New Mexico can only be accomplished in two different ways according to the laws of the state. You can enter a draw held by the state and for the most part these tags are held for outfitters who conduct guided hunts which naturally have a higher success rate. These are for the working class hunters and they are quite affordable to all. Tags are limited and heavily sought after.  elk hunts new mexico

The draw tag hunt is the most affordable and being guided has a good success history. Most guides live in the area and scout year around to be able to take advantage for a good hunt when the season comes in. Elk hunting in New Mexico is also conducted on the Valles Caldera National Preserve in north central New Mexico. This particular hunt is a lottery type drawing and costs $25.00 per chance. This area is very popular and very capable of producing big bulls. There are certain deadlines for this lottery, so, you’ll want to check with the state for the exact dates to be sure. The draw tag hunts are the most popular, as there are usually more tags available than the lottery. the state is very set in their laws in order to protect the elk population in all areas of the state.

Elk hunting in New Mexico has one more option for the hunter. It is called a land owners permit, of which there is two different versions available. One is the ranch only permit, which is for hunting on private land only and your elk is guaranteed. These hunts consistently produce bulls of 320+ and the elk are taken care of for you as far as dressing, butchering, or whatever you have done for transport at the end of the hunt. These hunts are more costly, but, they are of the guaranteed type. The second option is the unit hunt which simply means you hunt on the ranch private ground and all the land within the ranch unit of land. these are smaller ranches in acreage, but, your hunt is still guaranteed. Elk hunting in New Mexico is a very exciting experience and more and more hunters go to New Mexico every year because of the success rate in the state.

So, if you are planning a trip check with the state for dates and times for the drawings. It’s a first come first serve deal. Hunt the highlands, low lands, and the beautiful wilderness of a wonderful state. You’ll be glad you had the great adventure of a trophy elk hunt, at least once in your life. After you go once, you’ll want to go back and enjoy the fine elk hunting in New Mexico and the beautiful country in which you’ll be hunting in, don’t forget your camera.