I was setting out to take a day trip to Kern River Preserve near Bakersfield, Ca….. and all of a sudden I heard my inner voice say ..Enjoy yourself. …Enjoy the journey. What a wonderful reminder as on my way there I saw acres upon acres of groves, the ever present Kern River roping from one side of the road to the other, boats filled with groups river rafting on the Kern, beautiful Lake Isabella in all its splendor and finally my destination the beautiful habitat for birds and other wildlife at the Kern River Preserve.  Kern River Rafting Southern California

Imagine this: Instead of waiting to arrive at our destination before enjoying our vacation, we can actually enjoy making all the arrangements, the packing and even taking the trip to the airport. Instead of waiting for that big opportunity or break to occur we enjoy exactly what they are doing now. Instead of waiting for something to change we are enjoying what is. Instead of waiting for that ideal relationship to happen we enjoy life exactly as it is.

Most people spend their days getting things done so they can move on to the next thing. We always have destinations that we have to get to. (They may be physical places we are trying to get to or tasks that we want to achieve). Often, we are not doing the task at hand for its own sake, but for the end result, so we can move on to something else. When we live in this way everything becomes a chore to be done and gotten out of the way and the whole time we are usually thinking about the next chore on the list. Life can soon become a drag!

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and achieving them, but never think that any one goal, will be your ultimate destination, or this will result in ever lasting happiness and fulfillment. There will always be something more – something bigger, better, more powerful, faster etc. that we will desire.

There is a a story about a man who set out to climb Mt. Everest; just before he got to the top he died. And people said “How tragic, he almost made it … How tragic he was so close to reaching his goal.” In fact, the reality of life is such that you never do get to the top. The climb is the goal. The top of the mountain is only the direction, but it is not the destination. Even Moses never reached the Promised Land, he died on the way. But the truth is we all die on the way. Is that tragic? Not if you live your life knowing that the way is the goal and that there is a precious lesson to be learnt with every step of the way —

So make sure that you enjoy the journey!

Mary Kay is naturally attuned to those around her. Her desire is that people discover how to create (and then live) a life they truly love. Her humor and knowledge create a safe atmosphere so you can easily grasp what is important to keep and what can be left behind. She does not recite principles or theories. Her personnel stories welcome you into her life. She talks from her heart, profoundly engaging her listeners while forever altering their perspective and their experience of life.