Should you hire an event planner? That’s a good question, and honestly one you should ask. Not everyone needs one. Of course, getting married is far from a new thing. Weddings have taken place for centuries, usually without complication, and often without outside help. So why is it so important for you to consider hiring an event planner to handle your upcoming nuptials? Let’s discuss, shall we? Wedding Florist Fort Worth Dallas

1) Weddings can take A LOT of time to plan. A planner may have the time when you don’t. The average wedding can take upwards of 250 hours to plan. Keep in mind that this is an average. Some take less time, some take more. If all of your desired vendors are immediately available, and have contracts/packages that do not require negotiation, you’ll be on the lower end of that spectrum. If you’re having your standard church / reception hall wedding, and you have relatives (mom, aunts, cousins) making most of the contacts, you may be all set. But, if you’re looking at in demand vendors, in a high volume area and time of year, and your mom and friends are busy working, and you’re busy working (’cause you know we’re all busy!) you probably won’t have the time to do all that. Not to mention all the choices on top of the research. That pushes your planning hours up to 300 or even 400+. If you’d rather spend that time in the “soon-to-be-married” glow with your new fiance, you may want to consider professional help.

2) Planners keep tabs on all the details. The number of details that go into an event like a wedding can be mind boggling. And believe you me, the devil is DEFINITELY in these details. Time lines, checklists, who needs what by when, and of course, for how much… Keeping tabs on all of that is the forte of the professional event planner. When you hand it all over, they will keep you updated and keep the process moving forward. No need to worry about what time the caterer is expecting your florist, or what time the band needs to get in to set up their 5-piece horn section. Relax, it’s all under control.

3) The planning process can be stressful, and a good planner knows tricks to keep you relatively stress-free. You will find that this process often brings out the best and worst in people. Little arguments can turn into huge ones. Guest list disagreements (his mom wants to invite her grade school friends, your venue only holds 75), budget snafus, bridal party problems… the list goes on. A good planner can act as a buffer between you and your mom, you and your crazy florist (AND can help you avoid hiring crazy florists in the first place), and even you and your fiance. They offer advice, let you vent, and many will be there with chocolate and wine if you need a shoulder to cry on. Of course the goal is to keep you from crying in the first place, but hey, this process can be emotional!