Japanese culture to date stands unique and distinguished from other Asian cultures. Japanese culture penetrated into America in the mid nineteenth century. From sushi to anime series, it has significantly contributed to America’s popular culture and there are many who’re aware of Japanese products. One of the even more significant Japanese tools introduced to America and is now widely used is the hair scissors. Japanese hair scissors

The hair scissors, as not many are aware, traces its origin back to Japan. Most of the hair scissors used today are made by the Japanese. The Toshiba scissors for example is specially made by some of Japan’s finest scissor crafters and I one of the most extensively used tool in hairstyling today.

Toshiba’s hair scissors are specifically designed to make them more ergonomic. For instance, they have a bent thumb ring. This enables your thumb to go in at a more natural angle and allow you easy grip. This way you can avoid your thumb from getting squeezed while you cut.

Another great Japanese hair scissor contribution is the Kasho hair cutters. These are unique and exceptionally durable. The cutting edge remains sharp and refined for a long time and these scissors are known to be the most reliable hair cutters today. They’ve been tested and recommended by most styling professionals. They’re ergonomically designed too.

Next are the Yoko scissors. These scissors are very popular with stylists. They come in various lengths and styles. They made exclusively of durable stainless steel and have a smooth cutting edge that allows cutting through very fine hair strands. They’re ergonomically designed with thumb rings to give the stylist comfort while holding the scissors.