The eligibility requirements for participation in the DV lottery are very minimal:

1.Applicant should belong to a qualifying country
2.Applicant should have either a high school education or 2 years work experience during the past 5 years for which at least 2 years of training or experience is necessary. Aplikasi lotre togel

Once an applicant has verified that he/she is qualified to participate, what remains to be done is to complete the DV lottery application form. The application form is a very simple form which can be completed easily.

The application form for the green card lottery has to be filed online. There is no other option except to file electronically. The Department of State opens its website to the public for the submission of the forms during the submission period which is usually between the months of October and December every year.

The applicant has to register on the government website and complete the DV lottery application form. Applicants are allowed 60 minutes to complete the form and submit it. Apart from entering some information, they will also have to upload photos that meet the specifications given by the government.

The DV Lottery Application Form:

The DV Lottery Application Form requires details like name, gender, age, education, occupation, address, marital status, children and the details of spouse and children (age, gender, etc). Apart from this, the most important part of the application is the photo. The photo specifications give the user an idea of how the photo should be – including details of background color and pixels. If the photo does not meet the requirements the application will be rejected. If the photo size is not accurate, it will be difficult to upload on the government website.

How Can One Complete the DV Lottery Application Form Easily

It is understood that the applicants have only 60 minutes to complete the application form. Considering that not all applicants have broadband connections or internet facilities at their disposal always, it is advised that they be prepared with all the information and the photos before they can log on to the website and start the application process.

Details to be kept on hand are dates of birth of spouse and children if applicable. Digital photos meeting all the requirements should be kept handy. If the applicants have trouble understanding the specifications, they should take the help of photography studios or persons who can understand the instructions.

If all this information is on hand, the applicants have to make sure that they have access to a computer with internet facility and that they can use the internet uninterrupted for 60 minutes. If the DV lottery application form is not completed within the 60 minutes, it cannot be saved. The process should be started right from the beginning.