What could be more fun than a Labrador puppy? What could be more fun than 8 Labrador puppies?

Black Labrador puppy breeders have the joy of giving a healthy, happy start to numerous wriggling bundles of energy and affection. Yet those who set out to be Black Labrador puppy breeders take on a great responsibility with the joy. A good breeder has a responsibility both to the animals in his or her care as well as to the potential owners. Puppy Breeders Calhan Colorado

Finding Good Black Labrador Puppy Breeders

You can begin your search for good Black Labrador puppy breeders by visiting the Labrador Retriever Club (LRC) on the Internet. THE LRC maintains a directory of breeders. Black Labrador puppy breeders are listed by state. They are not guaranteed, but they have had to complete applications to get their listings.

If you cannot find a breeder in the directory, try contacting the LRC. They may personally know a good breeder in your area.

Learn before You Leap

A Labrador puppy is nearly irresistible. That is why you should take time to learn about the breed before you go to see puppies. You might fall in love with the puppy before learning how big it will become and what its needs will be. Love might blind you to possible hereditary defects. If you don’t know the official standard for a Labrador puppy, you might pay a handsome price for a dog that falls short of that standard.

You should learn about responsible breeding practices, too. Before you contact your first Black Labrador puppy breeders, understand what they should be doing with and for the puppies.

Prepare a List of Questions

Before calling or visiting Black Labrador puppy breeders, prepare a list of important questions to ask. If you want a Labrador puppy to take on hunting trips, you should ask questions about its potential as a gun dog. If you are looking for a companion, family dog, you will want to know about its temperament, and whether it has been socialized. The following are only a handful of other questions you should ask:

* Has the breeder had the parents’ hips and elbows X-rayed to be sure there are no dysplasias? A Labrador puppy can inherit a tendency for these potentially crippling abnormalities of joint formation. Breeders who try to be sure that both parents, and as many of the bloodline as possible are radiographically free of hip and elbow dysplasia are showing care for the breed as well as each puppy. The parents may not show any outward signs yet of the painful arthritis associated with hip and elbow dysplasia, but their joints should be checked by x-ray examination before breeding.